The FFM recognizes its motivated members for their initiatives. Our purpose is to have an open dialogue with an open mind. The FFM's web site, the Montana Nordic Group on Facebook, and our community outreach programs all provide tools for getting connected, and give our new members the opportunity to become active participants of our organization.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Finlandia Foundation of Montana, please reach us by e-mail here. Membership is free and will help to keep you in the know about all of our upcoming events, as well as give you a chance to organize and participate as much or as little as you would like. We welcome anybody with an interest in our purpose to join us in our efforts. By joining our membership, you can support multiculturalism and help us to revitalize and restore Finnish- and Scandinavian-American culture for generations to come. 




When it comes to the growing number of memberships and activities, our governance will need committed supporters and motivated doers. The Board of Directors is more than happy to appoint active members to special committees to take leadership in support of the FFM's educational programs, activities, and events, such as the Midsummer or May Day celebrations. We welcome anyone with a knack for organizing, spreading the word, or just an interest in the specific event to join us and help out.