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The Finlandia Foundation of Montana (FFM) is an advocate for global diversity and is dedicated to the preservation of Finnish- and Scandinavian-American cultural heritage in Montana and the Rocky Mountain region.
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The FFM will have plenty of events, activities, and community outreach opportunities coming up as we continue to generate interest in our organization and gain membership. The FFM seeks to recognize and celebrate Finnish and Scandinavian holidays annually, such as May Day, Scandinavian Midsummer, and Little Christmas. 

For more information on our upcoming events, click here


For more information on community outreach programs, click here



The Finlandia Foundation of Montana (FFM) is a chapter organization of the Finlandia Foundation National and is committed to raising awareness about multiculturalism through its dedication to the preservation of the Finnish- and Scandinavian-American cultural identities, traditions, and values in Montana and throughout the Rocky Mountain region. We are based in Missoula. We aim to provide both our membership and the general public with programs and events featuring Nordic and American culture. Our presence and participation at community fairs and cultural events give us opportunities to share Nordic culture and ideas and connect the public with the Nordic countries, especially in regards to education and innovation. We hope to enrich our community by promoting diversity, acceptance, and equality on the local level, something we firmly see as core Nordic values. Through doing so, we are building more diverse and cohesive communities throughout Montana and the Rocky Mountain Region. We welcome anybody with an interest in our purpose to join us in our efforts. By joining our membership, you can help us to revitalize and restore Finnish- and Scandinavian-American culture for generations to come.



We are based out of Missoula but cater to all of Montana and the Rocky Mountain region. If you are interested in becoming a member or just have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us! Find more information about becoming a member here.


Please reach us through the form on the right or directly by e-mail. You may write to us in Danish, English, Finnish, Norwegian, or Swedish.

FFM has received your message and will get back with you shortly!

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