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FFM is committed to serving the community of Missoula and beyond by giving back. One of our goals is to work towards building more diverse and cohesive communities across the state of Montana, as we advocate for multiculturalism and global peace. We are not only raising awareness about acceptance and equality but putting this important message into practice at the local level.



In strong advocacy for multiculturalism, another cultural education program hosted by the Finlandia Foundation of Montana is called the Missoula Music Meet-up. The Missoula Music Meet-Up is devoted to bringing musicians and parents together in helping children with their music education while embracing cultural diversity through playing and performing music. This program welcomes all Missoula individuals and families of different nationalities and international backgrounds. The main goal is to expose children to a wide variety of music with a wide variety of people and to encourage voluntary participation at a young age. For more information, please contact the Missoula Music Meet-up by email.



The FFM is dedicated to bringing the Finnish initiative of maternity packages to Montana. This initiative is globally and nationally better known as Baby Boxes. The Baby Boxes help to give children of all backgrounds an equal start from the very beginning. We seek to work with local businesses and organizations to bring new pregnant mothers residing in Montana the necessary items to raise their newborns successfully. More information on Montana Baby Boxes coming soon. To Read more about Finnish Maternity Packages here.




To further promote a more global and open society, the FFM works in partnership with the Council for Educational Travel, USA (CETUSA). CETUSA is a non-profit international student exchange organization coordinating exchange experiences for high school students, university students, and young professionals. We advocate for CETUSA’s High School Exchange Program by placing international students with host families in the Missoula area. We also promote CETUSA’s High School Study Aboard Program by placing American students for a year or semester of study abroad. Along with CETUSA, we invite all Missoula families interested in hosting an international exchange student. We welcome exchange students of any nationality but have connections for placing students from the Nordic countries. For more information, feel free to contact Jenni Rohrbach by email. Jenni is an appointed Community Coordinator with CETUSA and is in charge of the recruitment, placement, evaluation and supervision of the High School Programs in the Missoula area.


In collaboration with the University of Montana and Missoula County Public Schools, the FFM welcomes scholars and exchange students from Nordic countries who are attending an academic semester or year in Missoula. Both Missoula public schools and the University of Montana provide the opportunity to present the Nordic countries and cultures to fellow classmates and teachers. 


If you are a Nordic student and are interested in involvement with the FFM, or are a teacher interested in having the FFM present the Nordic countries to your classroom, please contact us




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