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Some highlights of the past years include:

  • InnovateUM event in partnership with the City of Missoula and the University of Montana

  • Hosting the incredible Traveling Sauna 

  • Representing the FFM and Nordic countries at the International Fair at the University of Montana

  • Celebrating May Day in the park

  • A Danish fiddle concert in collaboration with our friends Kristian Bugge, Martin Høirup, and Jaime Fox

  • Meeting up with Maria Annala, a Finnish journalist, to talk about our Baby Box initiative

  • Nordic Brunch with our friends at Burns Street Bistro

  • Hosting an event for the Nordic exchange students in Missoula

  • Hosting a Finnish film "Steam of Life" at the Roxy Theater

  • Participating in the National Welcoming Week to support immigrants and refugees

  • Celebrating the Finnish Independence Centennial with Nordic fare made by the inimitable folks at Burns Street Bistro

  • Celebrating Finnish Independence Day outside of the Missoula Art Museum, at the Art Park, with a full Finnish flag, warm mulled wine, and lots of Finnish tunes. 

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